How to get Google Glass without any glasses

Google Glass is finally getting a release date, and it’s coming to the US on March 26. 

The Google Glass 2.0 comes with a brand-new design, new glasses that work with the headset, and some nifty hardware that you can plug into the headset to control it. 

There’s also a “headphone jack” that lets you plug in your headset and plug in a wired headset for wireless use.

But there’s a catch: the headphones can’t work with Glass.

Google is working with partners to make it work with glasses with glasses-like features, and the US Google Glass team will be at CES this year.

But that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to use Glass without glasses-type features.

Google has also said that Glass will work with Android Wear devices and the iPhone 5 and 5c, but you won’t be able plug your phone in to the headset and use Glass on it.

To work with it, you’ll need to get an Android phone that has Bluetooth 4.0.

But Google is pushing a “wearable headset” tag, so the only way to work with this is to get a “glass-like” Android phone.

If you already have a wearable headset, there’s no way to get the “wearables” tag on your phone, but there are apps that do that.

We’ve also been told that Google Glass will be supported with the Google Assistant.

It’s not clear if this means that you need to be on the Google Home app, but it would be interesting to see what Google Assistant does when it interacts with Google Glass.

It seems like Google is trying to get Glass to work more with the Echo Dot speaker, but that’s a separate project that’s still under development.

We will update this article as we learn more.

Google Glass 3.0 will be coming to Europe in January 2019, but the company hasn’t announced any more details on when or where.