Jerusalem: Israeli settlers target trail camera system

Israel has taken steps to ban the use of electronic devices that could allow Palestinians to monitor Israel’s border with the West Bank, the Jerusalem Post reported Thursday.

A statement from the Israeli military and the government of Israel’s Defense Ministry says the electronic devices could be used by Palestinians to watch the Israeli-controlled area, which Palestinians want for a future state that would be recognized internationally as a state.

The statement said the Israeli government would make a decision in the coming days on the use or prohibition of the electronic systems.

Israeli media reported on Wednesday that the Israeli army has developed electronic devices to monitor the crossing of the Jordan River and the Israeli border with Gaza Strip, and it has also deployed soldiers in the area.

According to the statement, the electronic surveillance systems will allow Palestinians in the West Jerusalem and Gaza Strip to monitor and record any activity on the Israeli side of the border, including construction, military equipment, the movement of people, the movements of animals, the activity of settlers and the movements and movements of vehicles, among other things.

The military has not responded to a request for comment.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it was not aware of the military deployment.

“The Israeli government will make a final decision regarding the use and ban of electronic systems,” the ministry said.

“We are ready to continue monitoring the situation on the ground and we hope that the military will not move to restrict the use for the purpose of surveillance of the occupied Palestinian territory.”

Israel’s Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the Israeli Defense Ministry to issue a final order to allow Palestinians access to the West Jordan River, as the Palestinian Authority seeks to extend the border crossing to the east.

In January, Israel allowed Palestinian fishermen to enter the Gaza Strip for the first time in four years.

Palestinians complain that Israel has built illegal settlements and fences on the West bank.