Which Android phone are you looking for right now? This is a great way to know which one is the best option for you!

article The best Android phones are out there and the selection of smartphones is ever increasing.

Whether you are looking for the best value or the best Android phone in terms of specs, you are going to find some of the best options here.

So, what are the top Android phones in India right now and are there any smartphones that you should be getting?

Read on to find out.

The best Android smartphones in India Right now, there are some smartphones that are getting the most buzz and are gaining traction on the market.

Many of these phones have some of Android’s biggest features including: Android 6.0 Marshmallow, fast performance and a powerful processor.

The best smartphones in Indian market are the ones that offer some of these features and more.

Here are some of our picks for the most popular phones that are currently on sale in India.

Note: These are the best smartphones available in India for the price.

If you’re looking for something different, we suggest checking out some of other Android phones that have been released in the past.1.

Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeThe Samsung Galaxy SE7 Edge is the latest Samsung flagship smartphone and it has a stunning display.

The phone comes with Android 6 Marshmallow which makes it a great choice for those looking for a top-notch smartphone at a reasonable price.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has a similarly impressive display, but it doesn’t come with Android Marshmallow.

It has Android 7.1 Nougat, which means it offers more features and functionality, but you’ll have to wait a little longer to get Marshmallow for it.

Samsung also offers a couple of cheaper phones, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Note 3.2, which also have Marshmallow support.

The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are both on sale right now, and the Note 8 is available on sale at Best Buy, Best Buy’s own store and the Best Buy online store.

You can also pick up the Note 10.1 which is a very good Android phone at an affordable price, which is why it’s one of our pick of the most-recommended smartphones.2.

Huawei Mate 8 Huawei has a strong position in the smartphone market in India, and with the latest Huawei Mate 9, they have made it even stronger.

The Mate 9 is the company’s best selling smartphone at $599, which makes this phone one of the top-selling phones in Indian markets.

The Huawei Mate 10 has a new design and has a better camera with the new Huawei P10 Plus and P20.

The P20 has a much better camera and more advanced processor than the Mate 9.

The latest model of the Huawei Mate has a camera that has a 1/2.7MP sensor, which brings the total pixel count up to 1.1MP.

You will also be able to choose from two different camera modes for selfies and video recording.

The smartphone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC, which has 4GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage.3.

LG G6 The LG G 6 is the newest LG flagship smartphone in the market, and it comes with a fantastic display, which can also be upgraded to a 2K display for the extra money.

It comes with the Snapdragon 835 SoC with Adreno 530 GPU, which features up to 32GB of storage and 4GB RAM.

The LG V20 has the Snapdragon 617 SoC as well, which offers up to 16GB and 4 GB RAM, respectively.4.

Lenovo ZUK Z5 NoteThe Lenovo Z5 is one of Lenovo’s flagship smartphones and it features a beautiful 5.5-inch display, a Snapdragon 845 SoC and 64GB of memory.

It is powered with the 1.8GHz octa-core Kryo CPU, which comes with 4GB and 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM respectively.

The Z5 comes with two camera modes, one with 12MP and the other with 12.3MP, so you can choose from both of these options when it comes to selfies and videos.5.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2X Xiaomi’s Mi Note 3 is one the best selling smartphones in the world.

It features a 5.7-inch, Full HD display and it is powered via an Adreno 630 GPU with up to 64GB RAM and 32GB storage.

The Xiaomi Mi 5s has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 SoC that comes with up 2GB RAM, 64GB storage and a Quad DAC.

The Mi Note 4 comes with Snapdragon 801 SoC which has up to 8GB RAM (8GB RAM with 4 GB LPDFLDR4) and 16/32GB storage options.

The Note 4 also comes with an Android 7 OS.6.1 Marshmallow OS that brings with Android 5.1 Lollipop.

Xiaomi’s latest flagship smartphone is available right now at BestBuy.com.7.

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