The Browning Trail Camera is here

Washington, D.C. — The Brownings are back.

But they aren’t getting all the attention they deserve.

The Brownings, a company that provides body cameras for law enforcement agencies in many of the nation’s 50 states, announced Tuesday that the cameras are going into a state of maintenance.

That means they will be unavailable to law enforcement, the Department of Justice, the federal government, and local law enforcement for about a year.

The cameras are only used in a few states and they are mostly used by police departments that are trying to improve their use of technology to identify suspects.

But the cameras have been criticized by civil rights organizations and some people who want them off the streets.

The announcement comes just days after The Washington Post reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has spent about $400,000 on body camera software for law officers in the past two years.

The agency is currently developing a version that uses facial recognition technology.

It is also planning to begin using cameras that record audio for training.

The FBI says it hopes to have a system that will record more than 1,000 audio clips per day by the end of the year.