How to make a cheap cheap vladi video camera with this VLC plugin

When I bought my first cheap video camera two years ago, it came with a simple setup.

My favorite feature was the auto-brightness feature, which would flash red lights and other visual cues when the video was playing in the background.

It wasn’t that useful at the time, but I always thought of it as a neat trick to make sure the camera would stay on in the dark.

That’s why I love the VLC Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro.

It’s got an auto-adapt mode for everything, so you can turn it on and off when the movie is playing, and it also has a customisable video clip mode so you don’t have to remember how to play a video clip in the first place.

So if you want to make your own cheap video cameras, VLC’s plugin might be just the thing.

I’ll be testing it out with a cheap camera I picked up at the mall this week, and we’ll see how well it works out.