How to take a ring camera photo and make it your camera of choice

The video above shows how you can take a phone photo and post it to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

If you’ve ever done a simple phone selfie, this will be a breeze.

The method is a little different from other methods I’ve seen because you’re using a GoPro camera instead of a phone’s camera.

You’re also able to get a good angle, which can be a lifesaver.

Here’s how to take an iPhone photo.1.

First, grab your iPhone.2.

Make sure it’s fully charged.3.

Plug the iPhone in to a wall outlet.4.

Turn on your phone’s Wi-Fi connection.5.

Tap on the camera icon on the top right of your screen.6.

Choose a setting to use.7.

Press and hold the shutter button for two seconds.8.

Press the shutter again for three seconds.9.

You should now have a video recording.

You can also capture a video on your computer using your computer’s built-in video recorder.

I recommend using the Windows 7 and 8 app, or you can use the YouTube app.

You’ll need to open the video in a new tab and then select it from the video player.

If the video is too slow, try resizing it.10.

Press Start to open your camera app.11.

Tap the gear icon to open camera settings.12.

Tap “File” and then “Save as” to save the video to your camera.13.

Enjoy your new iPhone video!

If you have a GoPro or a ring cam, you can still use those cameras to take photos of your phone.