Nikon unveils $1,000 camera, $1k camera bags

Nikon (AP: NIKON) The world’s first camera with interchangeable lenses, Nikon, has announced plans to launch a camera with a 3,000-pixel sensor, an upgrade to the existing 3,400-pixel X100D.

The new camera is called the Nikkor X100E, and will have a resolution of 3,300 dots per inch.

Nikon says it will be available in the US in the second half of 2019.

The announcement is the latest step toward a Nikon camera that is going to compete with the likes of Canon, Canon’s new 12-megapixel APS-C camera, and the Canon PowerShot G6.

The company says the X100 E will have “a larger pixel count” and be “compatible with more interchangeable lens cameras.”

Nikon’s decision to launch the new camera comes as it continues to battle a camera market in which its cameras are often seen as more powerful and better than those of other manufacturers.

Nikon had been offering a camera for less than $500, and was able to keep the price of its X100 cameras relatively low, which has helped it win a lot of camera-oriented camera buyers, including some major brands like Canon.

The X100 line-up is also available with interchangeable lens lenses, and is currently available with a $1K lens.

Nikon said the new X100 camera will offer a smaller sensor with a pixel density of 3.3 dots per square inch.

This means the sensor will have better image quality compared to a $2,500 Canon PowerPods camera, which was the first interchangeable lens camera to come out of the company.

Nikons new camera will be made by a Chinese company called Fuse, which is also known for making its own interchangeable lenses.

Nikons new X-series cameras, including the X300 and X300E, are made by Panasonic.