‘Weirdly familiar’ cameras can be used to track people and cars

Weirdly, the same cameras that can track people or cars also capture people, which means they can be remotely activated to follow you.

In an article in the February 12 issue of the New York Times, tech experts David Pogue and John Sifton write that a company called SpyPoint has developed an app called ‘Dorsey’.

It can scan images of your face, and then identify your location by using a series of cameras and software that capture the data.

This makes the software “highly flexible, flexible and capable of performing the vast majority of facial recognition and tracking tasks.”

The app uses a combination of facial tracking, location-based information, and the information that is captured to create a “very accurate map of the user’s facial landmarks.”

In an interview with the New Yorker, the founders of SpyPoint told the magazine that they have been “working with facial recognition specialists in Silicon Valley and in other places around the world to make the software that can be installed on a smartphone and run on a computer.”

The technology is not new.

Google Glass, for instance, has an application called Face Recognition that can recognize you based on your face.

“Face recognition is really the only thing that’s going to allow you to track somebody on the street,” Pogue told the New Republic.

“I’ve got a guy sitting on the sidewalk who’s walking away from me.

The camera on the back of the glasses sees that and it identifies him.”

It can also identify other people, and even the people of the same building, from a distance.

Pogue also noted that Google Glass has a “unique feature,” in which a face is scanned by the camera while the glasses are being worn.

“If you look at Google Glass right now, it doesn’t have any facial recognition capabilities.

You can’t even say who I am.

It’s just a collection of pixels that can see a face.

But that feature can be activated by a phone call, and that’s something that could be turned on for a real-time location tracking system.

The same kind of thing could be done with an app that can identify people.”