SpyPoint’s camera system goes online with a $1,000 camera for $200 price tag

SpyPoint is announcing a new camera system that offers users a simple and powerful way to take still images. 

With a single, USB-connected device, the SpyPoint Camera can capture high-definition still images from anywhere in the house, from a window to a ceiling fan. 

“We built SpyPoint to give you all of the tools you need to get great quality images and videos in your home and in your photos and videos, without breaking the bank,” the company said in a blog post. 

The camera uses a high-resolution digital still camera to capture a still image of the object being photographed, and then stores it in a separate storage device.

The device can then be connected to a smartphone or tablet to capture video, which is then stored on the device.

The SpyPoint can also capture still images of your home or work.

You can view the still images at any time using the built-in WebCam or a smartphone app.

The company is offering a range of SpyPoint cameras for the price of $200, and it says it’s now working on new models for higher prices.

“We are introducing a new SpyPoint camera to the marketplace today, and we will continue to innovate in the camera market to make the best quality SpyPoint product available to our customers,” the Spypoint product team wrote. 

SpyPoint Camera is available now on Amazon, Google Play, and the App Store.