‘Catch Me if You Can’ has a special feature for RTE subscribers

This is a special offer for RTP subscribers only.

If you are in RTP, please check out this special offer.

Get this week’s edition of ‘Catching Me if I Can’ on the RTE app, RTE Radio or listen to it on your computer or your mobile device.

The first two episodes of the ‘Catches Me if Me’ series are available for RRP of €3.99 (AUD$5.50).

This week’s special offer is available for a limited time only until 31st May.

The deal is only available on RTE’s online store, as well as on iTunes, the App Store and Google Play.

This offer is valid from 9am on Thursday, 31st April.

RTE is the world’s leading subscription service for RTS and RTS related content.

RTP is the most-used RTS platform in Ireland.

RTS games and RTP TV channels are available on all devices, and the latest games and news are also available for streaming to RTP-connected devices, such as Chromecast and Apple TV.

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