How to get your iPhone 5S to work with arlo cameras

Apple is planning to sell two new arlo camcorders that work with the new iPhone 5.

The new cameras work with Apple’s ARK platform and allow you to record and edit video on your iPhone, AppleInsider reported.

The new camera system is based on the Apple CameraKit, a software development kit that allows developers to add new functionality to iPhones.

ARK has already been used by Apple to create some of the more popular ARKit projects, such as Apple Maps, Apple Pay, and Apple’s AirPods.

The cameras are also capable of recording video using Apple’s own AirCapture technology, which lets the camera capture still images and video in a variety of formats, including stills and video, in addition to video and stills.”ARK is a very exciting opportunity to deliver the best AR technology in the world to the iPhone 5,” said Scott G. McConchie, Apple’s vice president of product development, in a statement.

“This will allow you capture amazing quality video and video content from your iPhone without the need to buy new cameras.”

The cameras will be available for preorder starting November 1 and will go on sale later this year, according to the AppleInsiders report.

The price tag is not yet known, but it’s expected to be about $1,500 for the camera system, and $2,000 for the two accessories.ARK was launched in September 2016, but Apple did not officially unveil it until November 2016, the month the iPhone 6S was released.

Apple’s iOS 7.0 update introduced the camera app, which can record video at up to 4K and video at 30 frames per second, and the camera is also integrated into the Photos app.

The ARK camera app also supports the Apple Pay app.

AppleInsider also reported that the ARK cameras are compatible with the iPhone X, but not with the company’s flagship iPhone.