Why you should use a dog camera for security cameras

The security camera installed by a New Hampshire dog groomer to capture footage of the cat that killed his cat has captured a moment of terror for a pet owner.

Video from the dog camera, mounted on a fence, shows a woman jumping onto a cat and dragging her down the driveway, then jumping onto the back of a car.

“It’s the biggest cat in the world,” said Brian Dolan, owner of Dolan DogGrowers in Portsmouth, N.H. “She’s the only one with a cat.”

The video, posted to Facebook, has been viewed more than 3 million times and has been shared more than 6,000 times.

“I think the dog has seen me.

I’ve seen her, and I’ve got my dog on the fence watching.

She’s not doing anything.

But I just think she’s trying to get her attention,” said Dolan.

The cat was the first to bite the groomer’s dog.

The groomer had gone to retrieve his dog after the cat was found dead.

He was called to the property to report a possible break-in, but found the cat dead.

“When I saw that it was dead, I was kind of dumbfounded,” Dolan said.

He immediately contacted animal control and notified local police.

He and his wife are planning to install a surveillance camera at their home to catch a second cat.

The New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection says the cameras are used for animal welfare.

“There is no evidence that these devices cause harm to animals,” spokesman John Flemming said.

“The cameras are installed in accordance with state and federal laws.”