New gimbal cameras may help you capture the stars in space

Digital cameras have become the norm in our daily lives, but they’re only becoming more popular.

Now there’s an easy way to capture the beauty of space from your phone, using a gimballed camera.

The New Zealand-based company Newzoo, launched its first Gimbal Camera app for smartphones in late August.

The app lets you capture a photo of a starburst, the shape of the brightest objects in the night sky, from your smartphone and upload it to a server for analysis.

Newzowos founders said their camera app is a “great opportunity to bring space photography to the masses.”

It’s a huge step for the space community.

Gizmodo reports that Newzoos founders hope that the camera app will help get people interested in space and the sky.

“It’ll open up the whole community of space photographers and also make the sky as a whole more accessible to people,” co-founder and CEO Paul Nye told Giz.

“And we’re really excited about the potential.”

If you’ve ever wanted to see the beauty and diversity of the night skies, then you’ll want to try out the Newzoom app.