Sony announces new ROKEN camera, 3-D drawing technology, and 3D printer for use in security camera systems

Sony will unveil a new Roken camera for use with its security cameras at a media event in Japan.

The camera is said to be able to create 3-dimensional images and 3-dimensionally draw digital objects.

The Rokens camera can also be used with other cameras, including some that are capable of creating 3-d drawings.

This new camera will have a 3-axis tracking system and can produce 3- and 4-dimensional views, according to Sony’s press release.

The company has not revealed the camera’s capabilities.

However, Sony says it will use this new camera in security cameras in the future.

The Rokents camera will be released to the public later this year.

The image above shows a 3D drawing made with the Rokent 3D Camera in action.

It can create 3D views and create 3 dimensional drawings.

This is an image of the Roks new camera and 3 dimensions drawing technology.

This image shows the camera with its 3- axis tracking system.

The 3D camera is capable of producing 3- dimensional images and will be used in security systems to create realistic 3-dimensions.

In addition, the camera will also be able use other cameras in security to create the images.

Sony said the Rokerons camera can generate an image in a range of different directions, including from different angles, according a press release from the company.

It is capable for capturing 3D images and drawing 3- dimensionally.

It also said that users can create their own 3-picture collection by creating a 3d model, and the model can be used to create other 3D drawings.

It also said it is also capable of capturing an image at different resolutions and resolutions of different images.

The new Rokeron camera will cost about $1,300.

The press release states that Sony will use the Rokers new camera to create an enhanced image, as well as 3D renderings of various objects.

The device has an 8MP sensor that will provide 4K video and 1080p60 video.

Sony is also releasing a 3DS camera, the company says, which will have the same image resolution and will work with the new Roks camera.

The Japanese media is reporting that the new camera can create images in a variety of different dimensions.

The image below shows the new 3D Rokeronian camera, and it can create the 3-point 3-space view.

This will be an image showing the new image camera in action, as seen in the video above.

The video above shows the 3D image created by the camera in its 3D mode.

The camera also has a 3 axis tracking device that can produce 2D drawings and 3 dimensional views.

The technology can create objects in 3D with varying dimensions and heights.

The device can also produce 3D pictures at a range in different dimensions and in different colors.