3-D laser image of a robot captured by camera drawing

A 3-d laser image captured by a laser drawing camera has been published by researchers in a paper published online this week in the journal Science Advances.

The researchers used an infrared camera to draw out the shape of the robot, and then created a 3-dimensional image of it.

This was then used to create a 3D drawing of the structure of the robotic body.

This 3-dimension drawing allowed the researchers to reconstruct the robot body using an MRI scanner, the researchers say.

This allows them to create 3D images of the shape and size of the body in real-time.

“When you draw something out, you want to keep that shape and scale consistent,” said David R. Krasnick, a graduate student at the University of Utah who co-authored the paper.

“You want to get the best out of the scanner so that when you go to use it, you can get the exact shape.”

This image shows the robot in its robot body.

This image shows a 3d reconstruction of the machine.

In addition to Roush and Krasnik, the other co-authors of the paper are Jens Schmitz, a postdoc at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, and Andrew L. Waggoner, a doctoral candidate at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The paper is titled “Robotic robot body reconstruction using a 3–D image.”