The VTech kidizome camera has a lot to offer

On this week’s episode of the VTech Kids Podcast, VTech VP of Engineering Mike Brown and VTech Senior Director of Business Development and Marketing Paul Bostock discuss the company’s recent acquisition of child-safety startup Kidzoom.

Kidzoom’s founders, Ben and Nicole Goudie, are also VTech partners, but Brown and Bostocks say they have an affinity for the company.

Brown says they see Kidzomode as a way to bring the benefits of a child-safe camera into the home.

They are also using Kidzoma’s technology to make the V-Series child-proof camera a household item.

The VTech Kidzome camera uses an IR sensor, which is what allows it to recognize the child in the picture.

(Photo: VTech)”We are really excited about this.

We have had some really big milestones in our lives with technology that’s allowed us to live a healthier lifestyle, and we want to bring that experience to the world,” says Brown.

“The technology has been around for a while, and it’s a good time to be a kid.

It’s a really great way to get back to a more youthful lifestyle.”

With Kidzoms cameras, Vtech will be able to better protect kids from the world around them.

They will also be able stream video from an app on the child’s phone or tablet and even share it with their friends, says Bostampock.

The cameras will work with an array of sensors including infrared, accelerometers, cameras, motion sensors, proximity sensors, cameras and more.

The camera can even detect the child on the other side of the camera, which can also detect the distance between the child and the camera.

The V-series camera can also use a proximity sensor to make sure the camera is set up in a safe spot, so that parents don’t accidentally get distracted by a child in a video game or a toy.

The cameras will be on display at CES this week.

The video, which features VTech founder Ben Goudiie, will be live streamed at 6 p.m.

PT on the V Tech Kids YouTube channel, and the Kidzombo app will be available for purchase for $249.95.

The Kidzombos camera will be launched in 2017.VTech has also partnered with Nest to help with child safety and education in its home automation platform, which will include a Kidzombie camera.

Nest says the KidZombos can detect movement, and that the cameras will alert parents to the presence of a toddler or infant.

“We will be adding Kidzombies to our Nest Learning thermostat in early 2017, so we are already starting to see this in our home,” says VTech.

“We will start making this a common device in our homes as soon as the Nest Learning app is released, so parents can start monitoring their kids’ activity without having to go out and buy a new thermostatic device.

This is a really important piece of technology that can help our communities better understand their kids.”