Polaroid camera maker to launch ‘premium’ product that allows users to control the camera and take a selfie on a smartphone

Polaroid is poised to launch its first premium product this week, with the company announcing it will launch a “premium product” that lets users control the phone’s camera and selfie feature.

Polaroid will offer a range of accessories to customers, including a “smart selfie camera” that will allow users to take a picture of their selfie and upload it to Polaroid.

Polaroid will also introduce its own “personal selfie camera”, which will allow customers to take their own “pics” while they’re in a photo.

Policies for this new “premier product” are expected to be unveiled at the upcoming Polaroid World Expo, which takes place on November 16-17 in Los Angeles, California.

Pricing for the Polaroid “premia” product will be announced at a later date, with an expected launch date of December.

The product will allow Polaroid users to access the phone camera through the Polaroids app on their smartphone.

Preliminary information on the product has already been revealed, including the fact that it will allow “personal selfies”.

According to the company, users can use the “personal camera” to take up to four photos simultaneously.

“We’re offering this new Polaroid Premium product as a one-time offer for new customers who are interested in our personal selfie camera offering,” the company said.

The company has already had success with its own selfie cameras in the past.

In 2015, the company introduced the “Polaroids Ultimate” device, which had a “personal mode” that allowed users to upload up to 40 photos per minute.

This was followed by a “Parlovix Ultimate” in 2016, which allowed users the ability to take selfies with up to 50 photos.