‘Sickening’ moment man drives car into cyclists, ‘stops’ in front of them

This is what happens when someone decides it’s ok to do what they do, and then doesn’t realise that they are doing it.

The driver of a car in London has been banned from driving for life after being caught on CCTV speeding down a busy street. 

The footage, posted to YouTube, shows the driver pulling up alongside a group of cyclists in front to avoid traffic.

He then speeds past them at speeds of up to 80mph (130km/h).

The driver then speeds up, driving into the cyclists.

He was not injured.

The driver has now been banned for life from driving, but is allowed to drive if he makes an “appropriate” signal to pedestrians.

The Crown Prosecution Service said the driver’s behaviour was “sickening” and called on him to “take appropriate remedial action”.

The driver should take appropriate remediation.””

He was warned about this by the driver and by police, and he made no further attempt to correct the problem.”

“The driver should take appropriate remediation.”