Fujinon to launch new, faster camera with 2x image sensor

Next BigFuture is one of a handful of Chinese smartphone makers that are now shipping cameras with the same image sensor as its phones, but the company has now announced that it is to introduce a new camera that is capable of twice as many pixels.

Fujinon announced the news in a post on its website, saying it has developed a camera that uses two high-resolution pixels that it claims can be used for an image sensor capable of doubling the number of pixels in the smartphone camera.

The new camera, called Fujinos XF200, has been built around a 2×20 pixel camera, but that means that it can handle up to 10,000 pixels, which is a much bigger number than most smartphone cameras currently out there.

Fuji also announced a couple of new cameras in the past month that feature two high resolution pixels, one for selfies and one for video.

It is unclear how the two cameras will be different in terms of image quality, but Fujifilms claims they will deliver better quality than the previous generation cameras.

The first camera Fujifus will release, the Fujinons XF100, is also the first to use two high res image sensors.

This camera will be priced at about $400, and will be available in two versions, a 16-megapixel and a 32-megapixels.

Both of the new Fujifian cameras will offer optical image stabilization, a feature that helps reduce blurriness when taking still photos.

The Fujifians XF 100 also features a new image stabilization mode that is much like that of the Fujifes XE100, a new flagship smartphone released last month.

The XE 100 is also a camera with a very similar sensor to the Fuji XF 200, which means it will likely be available at the same price as the Fuji xE100.

Fujifu announced that its new camera will have “fast, reliable” image processing capabilities, which will allow for “immediate, continuous high-quality and accurate processing of the images captured.”

Fujinotimes claims the new camera can also automatically recognize the differences in the angle of view of the camera and automatically adjust the settings to get the best shot possible.

Fujing Digital announced a new smartphone with a 2.4-inch 1080p screen at the start of this month.

It features a Snapdragon 820 processor and is priced at 499 yuan ($563).

The phone will have a 5-megabits-per-second (Mbps) connection and will launch later this year for 999 yuan (approximately $869).

The company says it will also launch a new version of the phone with a smaller 2.1-inch screen that will be launched later this month for 1,399 yuan ($1,058).