How to get a rental camera without the hassle of using a smartphone

A camera rental app is now available for iPhone and Android users, making it easy to rent a device.

Camera obscura allows iPhone and android users to take photos of objects in the home without using a mobile phone or tablet.

The app also lets users share the images via social media and share the video on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

Camera tripod allows iPhone users to make videos from any camera and to take video from any device.

It also lets iPhone users share a photo or video of their phone or iPad to the Camera Obscura app.

“Camera obscure lets you capture the moment with a single app,” Camera Obstura co-founder and chief executive James Cook said in a statement.

“It makes it quick and easy to share your beautiful photos and videos to the world.”

For the first time in Australia, we are seeing the benefits of a simple and easy way to share photos and video on social media, and it’s something that we want to continue to build on.

“The app uses an image capturing algorithm that uses the phone’s location and other features to determine the best exposure and exposure compensation, and automatically adjusts the exposure for each subject.”

When you’ve got a great photo, you’ll be able to share it to social media with the best of them,” Mr Cook said.”

That way people can look at it and get inspired and have fun with their photos.

“Camera obscuras apps are free to download, but cost $4.99 per month to access a subscription option.