Baby monitor camera ‘shoots video footage’ of its owner

A camera that shoots video of itself while being worn on the body of a baby monitor has caught the attention of a Queensland coroner.

Key points:The camera has been used in the past for baby monitoring but its owner is now in custodyA police dog has been placed on alert after the incidentPolice have advised the owner to get the camera back as it could contain information about the babyThe camera, a Samsung S10 smartphone, has been on the face of a six-month-old baby in Melbourne for about six months.

The baby’s mother and her boyfriend were travelling in a car with the camera mounted to the dashboard when they noticed a slight movement and a “smelling” sensation, said coroner Michael Davenport.

“This was quite frightening as the baby had a bit of blood dripping from his nose, and he was very pale,” he said.

“They could see he had a bruise on his right cheek and that the baby was wearing the face mask.”

The baby monitor’s owner has been charged with neglect and causing a disturbance.

He told police he was wearing a face mask and was using it to monitor the baby.

The camera had been used by a family for a short period of time before it was taken off and taken back.

Police said they were concerned the owner may have been hiding information about how the camera worked.

“The owner of the camera has told us that he may have stored information in it,” Mr Davenworth said.

Police were working with the owner’s family to try and get the footage returned.

“It was seized by the coroner’s office and he will be contacting the coroner and a coroner’s investigator,” he added.

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