Walmart security cameras to stop theft in 2019

Walmart security video cameras are set to stop thieves stealing goods in 2019, the retailer said on Thursday.

Security cameras will be on hand in the stores most major cities by the end of 2019.

Walmart has installed cameras in its stores for a decade, but in recent years, it has also installed them at its stores in the U.S. and Canada, which has helped it catch a lot more thefts.

Walton said it is adding the security cameras at all Walmart stores, and will also provide free training for security personnel, including one in which they will have to take a “selfie” with the camera.

WalMart’s Chief Executive Officer Kevin Harrington said in a statement that the cameras will provide security personnel with a better understanding of the store environment and will be helpful in identifying and preventing stolen goods from being sold.

He said the new cameras will help Walmart protect the “thieves” and “the customer” from future theft.

Harrington said that Walmart stores are a safe haven for our associates and employees, and the new security cameras will enhance their safety.

He said that if someone were to steal something at the store, Walmart will report it to law enforcement.