How to Use Spy Camera to See Your Friends and Spies in GTA Online

When the world’s attention is on you, a Spy Camera can help you keep an eye on your neighbors, a new game update announced today adds.

The Spy Camera, as it’s called, is an ability to scan the sky and see the positions of nearby players in the game.

It’s currently being used by players in GTAV to detect other players who are in the same area as you, but the ability could also be used by GTA Online players to see where they’re actually going.

“It’s going to allow you to see all of your friends, if you’re in the area and your in a certain area,” Rockstar COO Pete Parsons told IGN.

“And it will also allow you see their positions on the map, so if you want to go and do something in a specific area you’re going to be able to see their location.

You can also see their inventory, so you can see where their stuff is, where they got their stuff, what they were doing, and if they were even out in the world at that time.”

The Spy Cameras ability is just one of many new features announced today, including the addition of a “social view” feature that lets you see your friends in the chat and see their activities.

You’ll be able send friends to your house, for example, and then use the Spy Camera on your couch to see them in the vicinity.

If you need to send them back to your friend’s house, you’ll need to talk to them on your own, though you can do so in the real world.

There’s also a “couch view” option that lets players see who their couch buddies are in their local area.

Finally, the game will now allow you “to watch all the activities that are taking place in a neighborhood.”

Rockstar will be revealing more details about the “social” and “courier view” features in the future, so keep your eyes peeled.