iPhone 6S Camera: This is a ‘camera’ and not a ‘smart phone’

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are both camera phones, but it looks like they don’t actually do anything remotely like the smartphone that they’re meant to be.

Both are cameras, but the iPhone 6Plus doesn’t actually have an LED flash.

It’s a camera, but not a smart phone.

The iPhone 6 has a camera module that’s built into the bottom of the device, with the iPhone camera module itself located at the top of the iPhone’s home button.

It’s not a standalone camera module.

Instead, the iPhone has a front facing camera that’s used to take pictures and videos.

But that front facing feature is just a small piece of the bigger iPhone camera.

iPhone 6S camera: Front facing camera on iPhone 6 source USA TODAY title iPhone 5S camera vs iPhone 6 camera: How camera tech works in real life article This is what the iPhone 5 camera looks like.

The iPhone camera in real world.

This is what a camera on an iPhone 6 looks like on a phone.

What’s different?

The iPhone camera on the iPhone is different in some ways from the camera in the iPhone.

For example, you can’t use it to take photos of things like pets, flowers, or even people.

You can use it as a camera to take a video.

And the iPhone cameras camera can also shoot videos.

But it’s only a camera.

There are no smart phones out there that can capture video.

And in fact, there are a few smart phones that can take video, but they don