Cheap security cameras are now cheaper than florists, thanks to florist-protection companies

It’s a common sight for the owner of a coffee shop to see his or her business regularly vandalized.

But the owner’s security camera, a floristic security camera that was originally designed to protect businesses from burglars, has been replaced by a cheaper version that doesn’t require customers to leave their belongings behind.

The new security camera is priced at $49, a 25 percent discount from the $59 that retailers typically charge to install the cameras.

That’s because of a company called florista security, which was founded by the owner and a company he co-founded.

The company has already been featured on a variety of TV shows and has made its way into the news and the media.

It has a growing list of endorsements, including from Vice President Joe Biden, who visited the company’s headquarters in February.

“There is no excuse for this type of conduct,” Biden said.

“We are confident that we have found the best way to protect your business.”

The company says it has seen a 60 percent drop in theft and a 20 percent drop on vandalism.