‘They didn’t have a choice’: How browning cameras are saving lives in WA

A “blue-eyed” camera captured a family’s Christmas moment in the woods, leaving them “shocked” and “stunned” at what they had just witnessed.

Key points:Police were alerted to the cameras after the footage was spotted on cameraThe family say they had to flee after witnessing the “frightening” footageThe family had been camping in the area for the last six monthsThe footage, filmed on a camera mounted on a campervan, shows the family of four on the front porch of their home watching in horror as a man in a white T-shirt and dark pants and a hoodie walks towards them.

“I’ve never seen anything like that,” said father-of-three Andrew Scott.

“We just couldn’t believe it.

It was scary, we were in shock.””

It was all a blur.”

The camera was installed in the family’s backyard in October this year and the family say the footage shows a man walking towards them and the camera then shows the camera flashing red.

“It’s a pretty terrifying thing to see,” Mr Scott said.

“You never really know what’s going to happen but the footage really shows what we’ve been through.”

The camera wasn’t going to let us get away.

It had no choice but to go and help.”‘

I’m just a regular guy’The footage captured by the camera shows a woman’s hand being raised as if she was saying, “Please stop”.”

We were just really shocked and just in shock,” Mr Wilson said.

Mr Scott said the family was camping in a remote area near the remote town of Dandenong and had been living there for the past six months.”

They were just living in a tent, sleeping on the ground,” he said.

The footage shows the camper van travelling through a field before a man, who has dark brown hair and is about six feet tall, appears and approaches the family.”

There was a couple of kids out here camping and there was this big white guy in a grey hoodie and jeans walking around,” Mr Walker said.”[The camper] didn’t stop and the guy just walked around.””

We couldn’t see him but I just started thinking, ‘What is he doing?

Is he on a mission?’

“The family said the man then walks away from the family and they ran out of the area.

Mr Wilson said the campper then continued to move and then stopped again.”

He then turns back around and walks back in,” he explained.”

Then he turns back again and walks in again.

“The footage has now been shared with police who are investigating the incident.”

This was just a horrific incident,” Detective Senior Sergeant Greg Anderson said.

Detective Anderson said it was believed the family had to leave the area before the footage of the man was captured.”

At the time we were alerted, the family were not aware of the cameras being installed and did not have a clear understanding of what had happened,” he told news.com, “it’s also been believed that this footage was shot during the daylight hours.

“Police said the cameras are being reviewed by their technology department.”

Unfortunately, the equipment was not properly maintained, there was no CCTV footage of any incident,” Sergeant Anderson said in a statement.”

These issues are currently under investigation and we encourage anyone who has had any information about these cameras to contact the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCCC).””

The safety of all members of the public is always our number one priority and we are committed to maintaining a high level of safety throughout our operation.””

If you have any information, or are concerned about this, you can call Crime and Crime Commissioner’s confidential line on 1800 333 000 or call Crimestoppers on 1800 666 111.