Canon and Samsung test the mirrorless cameras

Canon has a new camera on its hands.

The Canon NX1000 was announced at the end of March and features an infrared camera and a 4K video recorder.

It’s an interesting camera and it’s not the cheapest, but it is a camera that’s definitely worth a look.

The camera has a resolution of 12 megapixels, which is about the same as the Samsung NX1000.

However, it’s a smaller camera, which means it doesn’t need to be placed on the tripod.

The NX1000 also has an optional Canon EM-1D camera sensor, which has a much better resolution than the Nikon D800E sensor found in the Nikon 12-24mm f/2.8D VR.

The sensor has a maximum resolution of 16 megaprices, which, while still not as good as the Nikon sensor, is better than the Sony IMX258 sensor found on the Sony A7R II.

This sensor has an image noise floor of 10, which makes it useful for capturing stills.

Canon has also included a dedicated AF area for the camera, where you can manually select focus, focus peaking, and manual exposure.

It also includes a “selfie” mode, which lets you take a picture while you’re taking a video, which should make it a great video capture tool.

The image quality is really good for a mirrorless sensor.

It has an excellent ISO range of 100 to 6,600, which gives you a decent shot at getting great images with little to no noise.

Canon also said that it’s able to shoot video at a much faster rate than the 12-megapixel Nikon sensor.

You can shoot video with up to 4K resolution, which works well for videos with lots of moving subjects.

This is great for videos like sports, concert, or documentaries.

The video stabilization is excellent, with a very high degree of blur reduction, so you can see the images clearly.

Canon says that the camera is the best video camera it has ever tested, and that it has a very good video quality.

This camera is very similar to the Sony D800F, so if you’re going to buy a mirror, it would be wise to look at the D800 and D800EX.

The Nikon D1000 also features a very similar camera, and is available for around $800.

The Sony A6000 and the Nikon E-P3 have been rumored for quite a while now.

Both cameras are mirrorless, but the Sony is rumored to have a 4k video sensor and the A6000 is a mirroring sensor.

The difference is the camera’s built-in stabilization, which allows it to make great video.

There are a few differences between these cameras, however.

The A6000 has a 3-axis stabilization, whereas the Nikon has a 2-axis stabilizer.

The 3-Axis stabilization allows the camera to track objects, but there’s a noticeable lag between when the camera picks up a camera shake and when it takes a photo.

The 2-AxIS stabilization allows you to get a good photo of an object while you take it in focus.

The E-Pen is included with both cameras, but you will have to use the camera with the E-Stick adapter.

The main reason to buy the A-Series mirrorless mirrorless is for the price.

Both are very capable cameras and they both come with a camera bag.

The lens and focus ring are the same, so they will be great for taking pictures and videos with.

You won’t need a tripod with the Canon, but if you do, the camera can take a decent video.

The new Canon camera is available now and costs $799.99.

The Samsung NX100 camera is also available now for $799, and costs around $700.

The Panasonic A6000 mirrorless lens is $899.99, while the Sony E-Po5 is $979.99 and the Panasonic E-Mount 100 is $1,499.99 respectively.

The Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mirrorless is also on the market now, and it is also compatible with both the Sony and Canon cameras.