Canary camera video captures a ‘love story’ with a ring indoor camera

Samy’s Camera, a small but popular ring indoor photography camera, captured a love story on its first outing on Valentine’s Day with an Instagram post of two young women embracing in front of a small mirror.

The couple’s adorable video was shared on February 14 by @samy_cameras, and it quickly went viral on the social media platform.

“This is a photo I took with my camera, Samy, in my bedroom.

The woman’s arms are crossed, her head is to her side, and she is smiling.

This is a love scene with a rings indoor camera,” the video reads.”

I love my camera.

It’s so simple and elegant, and I love how the two women can see each other and see their faces and feel each other’s emotions.”

Samy’s Photography Camera, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the second ring indoor camcorder that has captured a photo with a camera in its owner’s bedroom.

A company called RingInStyle recently introduced a similar camera called the Ring Camera that can capture images of people in intimate situations.